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Skirts usually occupy significant part of women’s closet. They make us look womanly, add charm and elegance to our appearance, and attract men’s attention. Let’s consider the main benefits of one of the most special models of pencil skirt known as plus size pencil skirt, which has a long history, but still remains modern due its numerous advantages.

First of all, I’d like to point out, that pencil skirt is a must-have piece of clothing for women with curves. It is a unique garment, which would fit any figure. Unfortunately, a number of plum women have too many hands-ups and think that pencil skirt is not the best clothes for them, but they are really mistaken. Instead of wearing loose and baggy clothes, women with curves can choose an appropriate pencil skirt, that would flatter their bodies and make them look more attractive.

So, what are the benefits of a pencil skirt for a plus size figure? The answer may surprise someone, but plus size pencil skirt can make the figure look slimmer by accentuating calves and buttocks, visually tightening the belly and flattering all the shortcomings. In other words, large pencil skirt makes curvy figure look hotter and sexier. One more great news about this type of skirt is that it may be worn for different occasions and in different places.

How to choose plus size pencil skirt

Plus size pencil skirtAll you have to do is to choose a skirt of a correct size. Here are some recommendations for choosing an appropriate skirt:

  • don’t buy too tight skirt — it won’t make you look slimmer, quite the contrary, all shortcomings of your figure would become obvious;
  • at the same time, too loose skirt is also not the best choice, as it won’t accentuate your benefits;
  • as for the length of the plus size pencil skirt — take into consideration your own height: if you are not very tall – choose shorter skirt, and vice-versa;
  • if you choose calf-length skirt, it will make your legs look shorter;
  • high waisted pencil skirt can flatter your waistline.
  • Just don’t be lazy to try on several sizes and lengths, so that to choose the appropriate one.

    One more wide-spread women’s mistake is that they believe, that plus size pencil skirt looks attractive only in black color. Of course, black pencil skirt is a classic variant, but modern designers recommend wearing intense green, purple, brown or gray colors to look more spectacular. As for fabric, you may choose denim pencil skirt, wool, cotton or linen one, — there is a choiсe that would satisfy any taste, just avoid relief cloths, they make figure look heavier. And don’t forget about vertical stripes — this pattern makes figure look slimmer.

    Don’t forget, that pencil skirts require certain elegance from women. Due to their narrowness, women should hold legs close together when sitting; walk very carefully, with small strides, and to do it not awkwardly but gracefully.

    How to wear plus size pencil skirt

    Plus size pencil skirtsPlus size pencil skirts are often worn as a part of suit, with a jacket, but it may be a separate piece of clothing as well, worn with blouse, top or sweater. A popular accessory for the pencil skirt is a belt, you may accentuate your waist with it. As for the shoes, traditionally pencil skirts are worn with high-heeled shoes. But as casual clothes it is often worn with flats. Big skirts look better with medium-heeled shoes, but it depends.

    Pencil skirt outfits for plus size women may also include great combination of skirt with cardigan, tunic or corset, if you want to hide waist curves. If you desire your bottom part look slimmer — combine black pencil skirt with black stockings and put on a draped light-colored top or sweater.

    One more benefit of pencil skirt, is that it may be worn for any occasion. Traditionally it is associated with an office-style business woman, that’s why it is the best solution for the interview or for some meeting or negotiation. But it would also fit for a romantic date in a restaurant. It’s worth mentioning that pencil skirts are warm due to their tightness, that’s why they may be worn in any season.

    Obviously, pencil skirt has a lot of benefits and it can become the best solution for the situations, when you don’t know what to put on. If you still don’t have a plus size pencil skirt among your clothes – don’t hesitate to purchase one, it would fit you anyway, regardless of your figure, age or style. Just remember, that good-fitting plus size pencil skirts will definitely accentuate your feminine curves.

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