Pencil skirt
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Wearing jeans or trousers will not help you to feel yourself as charming or attractive as you may feel wearing skirt. Skirt is something that makes a woman’s appearance more exquisite, and adds unique charm to her image. Moreover, this particular item of woman’s clothes is a symbol of femininity and lightness.

Today the number one topic is pencil skirt outfits as they represent a fashion trend popular at all times. For modern woman it’s hard to imagine that there was a time when ladies didn’t wear skirts, and only dress was the main woman’s outfit. Though dress is considered the sexiest item of women’s clothing, skirt implies a certain riddle that sometimes is hard to explain. As a matter of fact, the notion “skirt” appeared long time ago, but its original look was completely different from the one we used to see today, and there was no choice of skirt varieties. A puffy skirt was the main type those times. It was not really comfortable and caused lots of inconveniences in lady’s everyday life. Approaching the 20th century the puffy skirt fashion style was gradually replaced by the new style of long narrowed skirts.

History of pencil skirt outfits

Pencil skirt outfitsThe real fashion revolution took its place in the 20th century. That was the very time different pencil skirt outfits started to appear.

Coco Chanel, the most famous modeler, was the one who started that fashion revolution. She has got the idea to shorten the skirt’s length. And initially that idea was not much appreciated by the fashion world. But having made that first important and brave step, she presented a new concept to all fashion designers. The main idea of Coco was based on creating a new style of a certain skirt length reaching knees. And now pencil skirt outfit is an integral part of any business suit. This style became a timeless fashion trend and it is always on stage.

Hobble skirt and pencil skirt outfitsThere is another version of emerging of a pencil skirt outfits style. At the end of the 19th century there appeared a certain skirt type called hobble skirt. It was a long skirt, becoming extremely popular between 1910 and 1914, cut so narrow at the ankles that it hindered walking. Women could hardly make resolute steps wearing it as the skirt had a very tight bell shape at the bottom. So the second version of appearing of pencil skirts is based on hobble skirt design without its lower part hindering movements. Evidently both versions are true and in some way they accompany each other.

As independent fashion style pencil skirt outfits were introduced at the end of forties. That time Christian Dior presented to the world a “new look” at the women’s clothing. His pencil skirt models were created to emphasize woman’s image that became smarter and more elegant than ever before, especially with addition of court shoes which were considered to be the riot of that time.

Pencil skirt outfitsDuring the Second World War the popularity of pencil skirt outfits was still on a high level. The only difference of that time was characterized by use of simpler skirt designs and inexpensive materials.

The second peak of popularity was in the eighties. That was the time when pencil skirt outfits came into the world of business fashion and stayed there forever.

Modern fashion designers advise women to wear pencil skirt outfits of different kinds depending on what they want to emphasize. For instance, a classic white pencil skirt visually enlarges hips, and a black high waist model lengthens legs and narrows waist.

The stylish accent of this season is described by addition of embroidery, embossing and drape to the main pencil skirt design, as well as proper combination of pencil skirt outfits with other women’s clothing items.

Donna Karan, Prada, Lanvin, Givenchy, Versace, Victoria’s Secret and other famous fashion houses combine pencil skirts with light blouses, dense girdles, silk tops, seductive corsets, sleeveless shirts and classic jackets as well as high heel shoes, wedges and court shoes.